Hello World

Hello world!!

First thing first, thankyou for visiting my page and let me introduce my self 😁

Who am I?

24th years old lady named Shafira Saravina. You can call me Fira or Shafira. A blissful wife of Gea Rafdan Anggana (which I always call as Mas Angga) since December 2016. Currently work in Jambi City, but before, I’ve been travelled around and I surely will travel a lot in the future (amiiin..) I love travelling, makeup, eating (of course, who doesn’t?). Originally came from Jember, East Java but my heart goes on Surabaya City, place where I went to college in 2010-2014.

Why do blogging?

Memories. Sharing.

2 simple words which describe why i made this blog.

Memories – I’ve been travel to here and there but sometimes I don’t know where I should go to when I want to memorize those good times. I am a person who loooove to travel back in time so I think the best way to keep my memories is writing a blog 😄

Sharing – I have a huge interest for makeup, skincare, travelling, and FOOD (oh yeah). Since I tried some different makeup and skincare products, cooking some kinds of foods and I travelled, (well, not too much but I think it’s good enough to share some places I’ve ever been), I want to share my experiences and my reviews so you guys can have second though for things you want to purchase. After all, I always been a googling-person who always search for anything before I purchase something, or before I go somewhere so I hope my reviews will help you, since so many bloggers have helped me all this time. I write all of my contents based on my honest thought so don’t be hesitate to ask me anything!

Hope you all enjoy my writings 😊

Much Loves,

Shafira 💋

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